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Corporate Investigations

Background Verification

Private Spy 007 Intelligence Bureau background verification has achieved highest position not only with Indian organizations but also abroad. Judging from the high level of confidence, these organizations are now able to repose, in the performance potential of their human resources. Many have found the Private Spy 007 Background Screening Program to be a timely step with enormous economic and strategic advantage.

Background verification would cover:

  • Residence Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Reference's Verification
  • Criminal / Police Verification

Post-Employment verification

Under this program, Private Spy 007 Investigators will find out the details of present and past employment of employees whose cases are pending in Labour / Industrial Courts. Many organizations have taken our services to reduce their liabilities.

Undercover Agent

Private Spy 007 deploy its Investigator in the Client Company at various required levels to find out the root cause of all anti-management activities, pilferages and thefts, leakage of Information, Sabotage, Production losses / wastages etc.

Asset Verification

Private Spy 007 Investigators will verify the movable and immovable assets owned by an individual or companies and would obtain the required documents for the client. Many Banks, Financial Institutions have taken our services to recover their dues.

Credit Worthiness and Due Diligence

Private Spy 007 will verify an individual or a company's reputation, market credibility and other important factors.

Intellectual Property & Infringement of Trade Mark

In this program Private Spy 007 would conduct Market Survey to identify and ascertain the availability of the spurious product in the market and Investigate into the source of supply & manufacture then they would deploy decoys to provide the evidence for the spurious products.

Verification of Insurance Claims

Private Spy 007 Investigators carry out a thorough Investigation on Insurance Claims to verify the authenticity.

Verification of Certificates

Private Spy 007 Investigators carry out a thorough Investigation with the concerned authorities to confirm the genuinity of the certificates.

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