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Forensic Investigations


Private Spy 007 Investigators would carry out a Debugging Sweep operation of premises and telephones.

Expert Opinion on Handwriting

Private Spy 007 has a renowned forensic scientists specializing in handwriting matters who have been in senior position in the government job and have practical experience of 25 years. We provide complete solution in handwriting examination matters. Our expert opinion is admissible by all the Courts of India and abroad on following issues: -

  • Signatures
  • Disguised writings
  • Alteration, erasing and over-writings
  • Age of writing
  • Use of typewriter and printer
  • Handwriting/signature corresponding

Fingerprint Experts

We have a pool of renowned forensic scientists specializing in fingerprint matters who have been in senior position in the government job and have practical experience of 25 years. Opinion of experts are acceptable in all the courts of the country and across the world.

Our services include

  • Lifting of latent fingerprints
  • Comparison of specimen fingerprints
  • Experts opinion for courts
  • Evidence in courts
  • Legal strategy
  • Cross examination of opposite expert

Expert Services > Sweeping & De-bugging

Protection of personal life & business is essential not only for maintaining privacy but also to have strategic advantage on competitors. Following are the examples of you being bugged: -

  • Unauthorized person knows your secret activities
  • Trade secrets are leaked
  • Minutes of meetings are out
  • Competitors know your bid amounts and terms
  • Unusual sound on your phone lines
  • Your phone often rings and nobody responds
  • Your television/radio encounters interference
  • Your car encounters some type of interference
  • Attempted intrusion but nothing was stolen
  • Some one has gifted you a new mobile handset
  • Some unexpected gift is received
  • Some unknown person enters your house for repairing any equipment
  • Some suspicious vehicle is parked outside or following you

Expert Services > Lie Detection Test

What is Polygraph?

Polygraph, popularly known as 'lie detection test', is an instrument that simultaneously records changes in physiological processes such as:-

  • Heart Beats
  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse Rate
  • Respiration (Breathing Rhythms)
  • Electrical Resistance

The underlying theory is that when people lie, they can not maintain normalcy in all above parameters and thus heartbeat increases, breathing rhythms changes, perspiration increases etc.

Polygraph Test Utility

This forensic technique screens the suspect(s) to identify the truthfulness for different purposes in variety of cases such as:-

  • Thefts & stealing in workplaces/houses
  • Heinous offenses such as murder, rape, kidnapping etc.
  • Financial frauds, bungling, pilferage
  • Spouse infidelity/character checks
  • Recruitment screening
  • Conspiracy by trusted persons
  • Identify addictions/vices among children
  • Any other cases where truth is to be found out

Accessibility of Test

We can conduct Lie Detection Test in any where in India, however, the respondent(s) on whom the test is to be carried out must give his acceptance for test in writing. The test shall take about 1 hour per person and taken in normal conditions; without any pain, medication, injection, anesthesia or any other such application.